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Gottfried Meyer

Cords, Ribbons
internet: www.meyer-posamenten.de  

gebe textil technik gmbh

Mattresses, Leather Products, Ribbons
internet: www.gebe.de  

Wetzel, H. B.


reha team Mais Das Sanitätshaus Aktuell eK

Sport Products, Gymnastics, Infant Garment, Food Processing Machinery, Therapies, Food Ingredients, Food Processing Machinery and equipment, Food Projects, For Babies, Car Repair Services, Service ...
internet: www.rehateammais.de  

Alfred Roth Stoffoase

Decoration, Jeans, Pants & Trousers, Sewing Machinery, Shirts, Interlinings & Linings, Pillow, Grey Fabrics, Accessories, Animal Fodders, Feeding Supplies, Clocks, Furniture, Watches, Tailoring, ...
internet: www.roth-naehzubehoer.de  

Handelswelt Felsmann

Dyestuffs, Paint, Cotton Textile Materials, Tailoring, Colors, Cords, Adhesive tapes, Ribbons
internet: www.baender24.de  

Xatro Ltd. & Co. KG

Wooden Toys, Coatings, Timber, Leather Products, Manufacture of packaging, Woodworking, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, Crafts Gifts, Wood charcoal, Drives & Storage Devices, Laser, Jewellery, Wood and ...
internet: www.xatro.de  


Decoration, Jeans, Shirts, Interlinings & Linings, Pillow, Grey Fabrics, Linen Textile Materials, Yarn, Animal Fodders, Crafts Gifts, Feeding Supplies, Furniture, Tailoring, Decorating Design, ...
internet: www.stoffin.de  

Stempel-Balz GmbH

Wooden Toys, Sport Products, Timber, Mould, Woodworking, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, Wood charcoal, Laundry Bags & Baskets, Wood and Bamboo Dinnerware, Office supplies, Ribbons
internet: www.stempel-balz.de  

Isotex Textilgesellschaft Kemnitzer & Co. KG

Bent glass, Car Glasses and Mirrors, Windshield Wipers, Crafts Gifts, Art glass, Natural Crafts, Glass & Crystal Vases, Glass Dinnerware, Glass, Car Repair Services, Cords, Rubber, Adhesive tapes, ...
internet: www.isotex.net  

Stempel + Druck

Rubber, Ribbons
internet: www.stempel-drucksachen.de  

METZ Sitz & Polstersysteme

Toy Cars, Sport Products, Car Racing, Infant Garment, Sports Shoes, Pillow, Mattresses, Leather Products, Auto Bearing, Motor, Auto Electronics, Automobile and Parts Agent, Special Transportation ...
internet: www.metz-sitze.de  

1A Medizintechnik Annette Nieuwenhuis

Sport Products, Detergent, Detergents, Blanket, Quilt, Fireproof Materials, Springs, Electronic Instrument, Backpacks, Batteries, Machines for cleaning, Laundry Bags & Baskets, Machine and Equipment ...
internet: www.1a-medizintechnik.de  

Wolff Handels GmbH, Otto

Sport Products, Bearings, Ball Bearings, High Precision Bearings, Maintenance-Free Spherical Plain Bearing, Needle Bearing, Pillow Block Bearing, Sliding Bearing, Special-purpose Bearings, Machinery ...
internet: www.otto-wolff.com  

ATI Allegheny Ludlum

Special Transportation Equipment, Iron & Steel, Car Repair Services, Gas Services, Ribbons
internet: www.alleghenytechnologies.com  

ABS Automation GmbH

Machinery Designing and Processing, Special Transportation Equipment, Plant and Animal Oil, Fuel Oil, Lubricant, Electric Shavers, Car Repair Services, Ribbons, Single-purpose machines
internet: www.abs-automation.de  

Ammeraal Beltech GmbH

Special Transportation Equipment, Service Agent, Ribbons
internet: www.ammeraal-beltech.de  
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